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International School bus model

This project was on a very accelerated schedule and required flying to the International School Bus Factory in Tulsa Oklahoma to get all measurements and material necessary to build an accuratte model. I had 6 hours onsite to do this. I brought with me a camera and maple sticks with 1" marks. I could arrange and assemble these sticks in my photos which you can see in this gallery. Upon my return, I was able to print these photos to the scale that my model was going to be (1/12) so that I could take any measurements I needed directly from the printed photos. The mastrer was made out of insulation foam covered with an epoxy paint and detailed with styrene. An RTV mold was made from the master and the model was cast in fiberglass resin. Master tires were made as well and cast in rubber. There atre 2 galleries of images on this page

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